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Community Association Team Overall Services

  • Association Management Specialist (AMS®) certfied: The AMS credential provides standards for association management that can give homeowners and boards confidence in their manager’s knowledge and ability to provide professional services
  • Advisor to your Association’s Board of Directors for operations and policy issues
  • Draft Amendments to Association documents and assist with policy development
  • Draft and negotiate contracts with vendors (i.e., insurance, landscapers, pool maintenance, etc.)
  • Collect assessments, including preparing and filing of liens
  • Unlimited telephone conferences and e-mail correspondence with the Association’s Board of Directors

Community Association Team Management Services

  • Operate and manage the Association as contemplated in the Association’s governing documents
  • Perform site inspections on a regular basis; report any violations of the Association’s Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions to the Board of Directors and give notice to responsible owner
  • Provide assistance to and act at the direction of Board of Directors
  • Attend Annual Association meeting and Board meetings
  • Manage assets of the Association; maintain office records and accounts, as well as bank account(s)
  • Obtain competitive bids and assist HOA Board in selection of insurance companies, contractors and auditors
  • Promptly investigate accidents or claims for damage; make and file timely report(s) to insurance company
  • Receive service requests and complaints from owners and/or Board and take appropriate action

Community Association Team Financial Services

  • Maintain Association’s fiscal records in accordance with recognized and acceptable procedures
  • Prepare proposed operating and annual budget for approval and adoption by the Board  
  • Prepare regularly scheduled financial statements and reports, providing complete and accurate accounting of all funds
  • Prepare timely invoices and collection notices as needed 
  • Collect all assessments and late fees, processing those collections in QuickBooks (or other association approved software) using general accounting practices and deposit funds in the association account
  • Submit invoices to the board for approval. Pay all invoices in a timely manner from the association’s account, as approved by the Board, keeping accurate records of all payments
  • Provide support for the annual audit 

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